Summer Camps and Classes

We will be adding more camps and classes. Check this page for fun new additions in the coming weeks!

We love the fresh snow that has fallen - but also that it's time to get ready for summer!

About summer camps and classes:

We are child-focused

Rather than emphasizing a particular outcome,we encourage artists to explore projects and mediums as they wish (safely).

We will go outdoors

...every day that the Wisconsin summer allows us to! Please dress, cover, and slather as necessary to protect your camper.

We like to get messy

Many of us do,anyway. Please wear clothes that may become permanently altered.

We always play

All artists need breaks! We schedule play time, and encourage kids to choose a break when they need one. We have lots of fantastic toys and natural materials to pretend, build, and imagine with.

And, we raise monarch caterpillars and release the butterflies

  Summer Art, Craft, and Play Camp


1 week camp, half days

Ages 4-6 

July 27-31, 1:00-4:00pm



Sunny summer arts and crafts for our youngest campers! We'll use watercolors, tempera, pastels, and Model Magic to do fun art projects. We'll make things to play with at home like bubble wands, nature crowns, peg people, and homemade dough. And of course, we will play!


* Additional dates coming soon

  Art + Nature Camp


1 week camp, half days

Ages 5-8



August 3-7, 1:00-4:00pm


  Messy Painting Workshop


3 day camp, half days

Ages 5-8 


August 10-12, 1:00-4:00pm


This is an unconventional painting class - we will not be using paintbrushes except to mix colors. Some things we will do: spray, splatter, and dribble paint using kitchen utensils, upcycled objects, toys, and things we find outside. We will even paint with, an on, marshmallows! We have smocks of course, but old clothes are a must.

* Additional dates coming soon

  Slime and Perler Beads Workshop 


2 day camp, half days

Ages 5-8 


August 13-14, 1:00-4:00pm



Two of the things most requested by kids - together in one workshop! We will experiment with recipes for all the slimes, and send the results and the recipes home with you. Make your own Perler designs, or create one from our collection of patterns. You can even melt them to make beads or bowls! [Heating and ironing is done by adults only.]

* Additional dates coming soon

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