Summer Camps and Classes

Art and Movement Camps

We are excited to be partnering with Hike & Heal Wellness and BollyBeat108 to offer 4 weeks of full-day camp!

Mornings: Jedi Beginnings with Hike & Heal

Afternoons: Art & movement with Chartreuse & BollyBeat

Classes are 90 minutes of art (see themes below) followed by 90 minutes of dance and yoga. 

Summer Arts and Crafts Camp + BollyBeat


June 28 - July 2

12:30 - 3:30pm

Ages 4-6


Art+Nature Camp + BollyBeat


July 12 - 16

12:30 - 3:30pm

Ages 6 - 9


Messy Painting Camp+ BollyBeat


July 19 - 23

12:30 - 3:30pm

Ages 6 - 9


Cardboard Creations Camp + BollyBeat


July 26 - 30

12:30 - 3:30pm

Ages 4-6


                                     is a collaborative group of educators whose focus is maintaining health through social, emotional & mental well-being. Their nature-based programming is designed to help people relax, have fun, and connect with their true 'self' through nature connection and mindful play.

Jedi Beginnings is a 1/2 day camp where 4-9 year olds master Yoga & mindfulness skills just like Yoda. Sensory exploration at nearby parks will serve as a critical connection point between mindfulness and outdoor play. This camp blends fun, adventure, movement, high quality education and self-expression all into one, well-rounded experience. These weeks are a must for parents looking to help their 4-9 year olds become more self-aware, able to express/understand emotions.

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                         owned and led by Manisha Bhargava, integrates fitness with dynamic choreography set to upbeat music. Participants experience the joy dance brings to the body! Kids will build skills in coordination, sequencing, balance, perseverance, cooperation & a major boost in happy hormones to lift the spirits. All dancers can expect easy-to-follow cardio routines that are safe and fun!
No dance experience is necessary. Manisha will combine a new Bollywood dance routine each week with instruction in Kids Yoga to help the group focus, integrate and breathe their way back into balance.
Manisha also leads adult BollyBeat classes, as well as Hatha Yoga, in and around Madison.


About summer camps and classes:

We are child-focused

Rather than emphasizing a particular outcome, we encourage artists to explore projects and mediums as they wish.

We will go outdoors

...every day the weather allows. Please dress, cover, and slather as necessary to protect your camper.

We like to get messy

We have art smocks, but please wear old clothes. 

We always play

All artists need time to experiment, tinker, and imagine. We schedule play time, and encourage kids to take a break if they need one. We have lots of fantastic toys and natural materials to pretend, build, and imagine with.