Day of the Dead Masks - Fabric DIY


We have 3 sizes for preschoolers, bigger kids, or adults. Choose your mask sizes and start creating!


- 2 masks (select size)

- Crayola construction paper crayons

- paper shapes

- sequins

- glue

- pipe cleaners

- additional masks - $4.00 each

Happy New Year!

Day of the Dead Masks - Papier-mâché


- papier-mâché mask

- acrylic paint

- 2 paintbrushes


   Art for Thanksgiving

Ages 5+

Creations for the table.

Make a turkey centerpiece, favor cups, or napkins rings using natural materials (like pinecones, acorns, milkweed pods and leaves) and lots of art supplies. Your Thanksgiving table will be beautiful!


Wednesday, 11/27 - 9:00-11:30  Class full

Wednesday, 11/27 - 1:00-3:30



   Notre Dame at Night

Grades 2-5

After the devastating April fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, art teacher Patty Palmer was inspired to create a lesson plan for this gorgeous project. It represents Notre Dame when it was illuminated by projected lights during shows in 2017 and 2018.    

We will use watercolor and marker to create the cathedral and then mount it on black paper. We'll also learn some of the history and architectural significance of this iconic building, and the effects of the recent fire.



   Open Studio: Perler Beads and Model Magic

Ages 5+

Lots of time to create with 2 extremely fun materials!  Work with either one, or both. Stay for the full 3 hours, or leave earlier if you need to. 

Friday, 11/29 - 1:00-4:00 (Day after Thanksgiving)


   Friendship Bracelets

Grades 2-5

New school year, new friends - let's make some friendship bracelets!


We will have tons of materials including cord, beads, loom bands, washi tape, yarn, duct tape, and recycled water bottles. 




No-school art classes:

   Land Art

Ages 5+

Outdoor art with natural materials.

We'll look at some examples of land art by famous artists (Andy Goldsworthy, Marc Pouyet), lesser-known artists, and kids. Then we will venture outside to gather materials and work on our designs.


You can't take land art home with you -  we will leave it in situ and capture the designs in photos. 

[If class is canceled due to bad weather, choose to reschedule or get a refund.]​​​

Sunday, 10/6 - 12:30-2:15

Wednesday, 10/16 - 3:45-5:30


Thursday morning: 

Thursday afternoon: 

Friday morning:

Friday afternoon:

Autumn Playscape

Art à la Carte

Upcycling Workshop

Upcycling Workshop

Art à la Carte

Happy Thanksgiving!

Art for Thanksgiving

Art for Thanksgiving

Upcycling Workshop

Perler & Model Magic

Wednesday morning: 

Wednesday afternoon:

Friday morning: 

Friday afternoon:

Watercolor Brush 19
Watercolor Brush 5

HCBs are sold out!


Brush Stroke

Coming Soon  -  Painted Fall Leaves   Spooky Halloween Houses

   Decorated Pumpkins

Grades K-5

Paper mâché and mini white (real) pumpkins for you to paint and embellish.




Saturday 10/26 - 9:30-11:15am

Tuesday 10/29 - 3:45-5:30


Hours are meant to accommodate the various times that school is out - arrive when you are able.


In After School Art Clubs kids can move between 3 areas: 


- Work on the guided art project of the day.


- Explore mediums and tools we have set up, like an open art studio. Choices might include paint, paper, clay, beads, pipe cleaners, wood, felt, pom poms, markers, wire, foam, cardboard, and more.


- Play! We have a cozy seating area that will be set up with fun things like Grimm's wooden toys, nature blocks, Magnatiles, art books, miniatures, and puzzles. There will also be something gooey, slimey or sticky - water beads, slime, oobleck, kinetic sand - you never know.

These 3 elements will be different at every session.

Parents and caregivers:

 feel free to drop off kids, or stay and help yourself to the Keurig Bar.

   Paint Pouring

Ages 7+

Painting has never been so messy, and so fun

Acrylic paint pouring has become very popular in the last several years. It is a playful, unpredictable way to create abstract art. Kids of any age will enjoy this process (hello, teens!). Even people who are "not artistic" will be able to make a unique, colorful painting. 

Paintings use a LOT of paint and take between 2 and 7 days to dry completely. After they're dry, we will seal them and arrange pick up/delivery with you.

Thursday, 11/14 - 9:30-11:15 (no school - Wingra)


   Halloween Papercraft

Grades K-5

Lots of fun or (slightly) scary options to choose from

We love papercraft and have a lot of ideas, templates, papers, and punches to choose from. Use one of our projects, or create your own.



Saturday 10/26 - 12:30-2:15pm

Wednesday 10/30 - 3:45-5:30

Option A:

Painted Preserved Leaves

Collected and preserved in the studio, these leaves last for years.

Option B:

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Create one of these, or invent your own.

Option C:

Watercolor Leaves

On coffee filters or watercolor paper. Mount them on real branches or string them into a garland.

Option D:

Crafting with Fall Materials

We have been collecting leaves, acorns, seeds, pods, and more for you to create with

Option E:

Model Magic Creations

We have been collecting leaves, acorns, seeds, pods, and more for you to create with

   Art à la Carte

Grades 2-5

Choose your art adventure: select any project when you add the class to your cart. It's like an à la carte restaurant menu, and friends/siblings with different interests can still have art class together!



December Project Choices:

Coming soon

   Make a Scene

Kindergarden - 5th grade


Will yours be holiday- or winter-themed, or something else? 

These papier-mâché panoramic ornaments are big - almost 5 3/4 inches across. We will have lots of materials to decorate the outside and the inside. Such a fun project!


We add new classes every few weeks - please check back to see what's new!

   Upcycling Workshop

Ages 5+

Make some art out of used stuff and great art supplies. This is a longer class to let you build whatever you can think of!

Friday, 11/29 - 9:00-11:30 (Day after Thanksgiving)



   Holiday Decorations

Kindergarden - 5th grade


Wreaths, trees, and garlands 

Saturday, 12/21 - 3:00-5:00

Sunday, 12/22 - 1:00-3:00

Mon, 12/23 - 9:00-11:00 am


   Holiday Ornaments

Kinder - 5th grade


Paper, wooden, fillable, and more

Saturday, 12/21 - 12:00-2:00

Monday, 12/23 - 12:00-2:00