Quick-Grow Grass Basket



Grows in 5 days! Kit includes soil, rye grass seed, and container (choose pink, green, blue, or salmon). Very fun to watch.

Spring Chickens



A great egg carton craft for kids. Includes precut shapes, 4 colors of tempera paint (pink, teal, spring green, and lavender), and 2 brushes. Makes 3 hens.

DIY Bunny Stackers 



6 unfinished wood bunnies, roughly 1.5" x 2" and 1" thick. Make them monochromatic like ours or get creative. Includes acrylic paint in salmon, teal, and purple and paintbrush. 

Plant Picks with

Red Twig Dogwood



5 unfinished wood shapes (bunny, hen, sheep, snail, and flower) on red twig dogwood sticks, 6 acrylic paint pots, 2 paintbrushes

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